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About the author.

About the author.
Renat Garifzyanov – a modern domestic writer and journalist, author of books on the topic of revelations about spiritual values.

Renat was born on January 29, 1967 in the city of Yangier, UzSSR. After graduating from military service in the Soviet Army, he entered the philology department of the NSU. In the late eighties, began working as a journalist. Later, he continued his education at Ural State University as a journalist.

In 1990 he became the chief editor and publisher of the Blitz newspaper he created. Lives in Moscow.

Renat Garifzyanov: creativity

Garifzyanov’s literary debut as a writer took place in 1999, when his first book, The Revelations of Guardian Angels. Start”. In total, the author has so far 17 books, the total circulation of which exceeded six million copies. Interestingly, he published his first book entirely on his own with a circulation of 10,000 copies.

In the books of Renat Garifzyanov the spiritual structure of the world is described, as well as the nuances of interaction between people, mediums and Angels are clearly shown. Critics have noted that Garifzyanov very extensively and affordably sets out the facts confirming the completely revolutionary doctrine of the Angels, which has never before been covered by anyone. In particular, a detailed story is given, confirmed by documents, facts and personal observations, as one of the mediums who had ceased to follow the instructions of the Angels, lost his gift. Numerous feedback from readers convincingly confirms this story.

In Garifzyanov’s books, much attention is paid to the topic of reincarnation, the disclosure of mysteries of the past, such as the true lives of Jesus, the Buddha, and many other great figures of history.

The most popular works of the author are:

“The Real World of Angels”

“Cross of Jesus”

“The Way of Jesus”

“The path of the Buddha. Laws of Karma

The last work of the author, “Revelations of Guardian Angels. Secrets of the Vatican and Ancient Rome “, was released at the end of July 2018. In it, Garifzyanov touched on a number of topics that concern not only religious, but also all other readers, such as astrology, the transtrfing of reality, the authenticity of Christian relics, the secrets of the lives of the popes, and many others.

As in the previous books of the Garifzyanov series, it debunks myths and helps people return to spirituality, which they have forgotten because of the many charlatans and false gurus.