“Revelations Of Guardian Angels. Love and life”

After reading the book “Love and life”, you will gain a truly unique knowledge of how to build your life, how to avoid trouble and not to make fatal mistakes, how to achieve happiness in your personal life, to raise good, smart and decent children who can be proud of how to protect and maintain their health.
Many of the events of your life will become clear after you understand what is the real cause of your troubles and troubles, you will get advice on almost all occasions and finally be able to become happy.


2 thoughts on ““Revelations Of Guardian Angels. Love and life”

  1. Маришка

    Перед каждым рождением ребенка перечитывала эту книгу. А в конце очень ценный “списочек болезней”, к которому я обращаюсь в первую очередь каждый раз, когда чем-то заболеваю – помогает осознать причину болезни и начать лечение именно с нее – с причины.


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