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Question: Tyler, Hello! And what do the Angels say about the winners of the battle of psychics? I am very impressed with Alexander Litvin. It is like You says, in terms of science, facts and so on… It would be interesting to know what the Angels are telling about him .
Renat Garifzyanov:
Hello! Good question. By the way, I get a lot of questions from readers about the “Battle of psychics”. The show is still popular.
Immediately I note, this is a staged show. The creators of the program, participants and winners of the seasons have repeatedly admitted this in the press.
Alexander Litvin won the show in 2008 under the host Mikhail Porechenkov.
Here is a quote from the article “Mikhail Porechenkov exposed the show” Battle of psychics “in the newspaper” Komsomolskaya Pravda ” from 30.03.2017:
“The audience is sure that everything that happens in the program is true. However, the former host of the show Mikhail Porechenkov visiting “Our radio” suddenly denied this information.
“I worked with them for a long time. Kalda-the bulldozer, I say. All lies! Yeah, totally. What’s not to disclose? Telling the truth. I upset everyone?”- ironically said Porechenkov.”
This show is written by writers, and the participants are actors who voice a pre – written text. Another” winner of the show ” Julia Wang admitted it. Here is another quote:
“The winner of the 15th season of the show” Battle of psychics ” Julia Wang said that she is not a psychic. Yes, and the image so loved by many viewers, was only the result of imagination of the producers of the program. Julia stated that she had never been a magician or psychic, and her image is an element of the show.”


Question: I Wanted to ask about a famous Western author, Doreen Verche, who has been in contact with angels since childhood and writes about Them in her books. She gives the basics of Angelology-writes about angelic ranks and hierarchy (cherubim, Seraphim, power, power, etc.) She also writes about the Archangels and their “ specialization“. For example, Michael the protector, Raphael the healer, Gabriel is the messenger, etc. It provides a description of the order of 15 Archangels and their areas of specialization. What do you think about this author and do your visions coincide?
Renat Garifzyanov: there are a great many Authors who claim that they communicate with Angels. How to determine whether a person has contacts with Higher powers or just fantasizes?
There are a few simple ways.
Here’s one.
When I began to write about Angels, the first thing They put me such a condition:
– You have to bring to people a simple idea – we, Angels, are United for all people-Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, atheists and all others. We Angels do not divide people by religion. You don’t have in the books of the OAHU show the superiority of one religion over another. You don’t have to give preference to any one religion. OAH books should unite people, not divide and oppose them to each other.
As you know, in the books of the MANY I follow this principle.
Here is what is written about the American Doreen Verche in the encyclopedia:
On February 25, 2017, Verce converted to Christianity and refused to further publish and write books that contradict the Holy Scripture.

Can you trust a man who has given up his own beliefs?