“Revelations Of Guardian Angels. cross of Jesus”

This unique book tells the truth about the last days of the life of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. It is told about the most famous Christian saints. The reader will learn how to get help from the saints, what requests can be addressed to them.

The readers are invited to a unique book that will reveal all the mysteries associated with the name of Jesus Christ, and will help many people to become wiser and set your heart for good and love.


2 thoughts on ““Revelations Of Guardian Angels. cross of Jesus”

  1. Александр

    Прочитал все вышедшие книги, очень интересно. Советую всем прочитать.

  2. Маришка

    Продолжение “Пути Иисуса”. Также увлекательная. Эти книги возвращают на путь веры. Но не фанатичной, а вдумчивой.


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